MCA-JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC provides high quality Cleaning Services; we consider that time is very important; our team is ready to take action of your needs quickly and efficiently. The cleaning team dedicates and focus to take care of all the minimum details, finalizing with excellent results in cleaning and sanitization. You can relax assured that when MCA-JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC is on the job, your place will be clean, sanitized, fresh, and ready to move in. Our cleaning team services are excellent when it comes to quality with competitive rates.

Office Cleaning

We are a company that listens, advises, and delivers an interesting commercial proposal for your company. Take advantage and forget about cleaning jobs within your company or home. Allow our staff to carry out their daily activities in a pleasant, healthy, welcoming and renewed environment.

Custom office cleaning for your work environment.

We provide unsurpassed cleaning and maintenance services through active management and excellent quality control measures. Our service is designed and implemented as a custom cleaning program that can be tailored to your individual needs and budget. We visit your office and customize a cleaning schedule based on your work environment.

Our basic packages may include, among others:
  • Sanitation of bathrooms / toilets.
  • Cleaning the kitchen area.
  • Dust all the space.
  • Dust removal.
  • Spill cleanup.
  • Polishing of surfaces.
  • Vacuuming.
  • Sweep
  • Scrub

Commercial Building Service

Assigned personnel Day Time Services

For some busy businesses, nightly cleanings are not enough. MCA- JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC can provide your business with reliable and experienced trained staff who will keep your space clean, hygienic and welcoming.
The functions of the personnel assigned during the day consist of the following:
Emptying, cleaning and lining of garbage cans.
Restroom sanitation and resupply of supplies.
Cleaning of kitchens, pantries and food preparation / service areas.
Cleaning of corridors, corridors and other common areas.
Dust furniture and accessories.
Sweep and mop the floors.
Assembly of rooms for corporate and special events.
Maintenance of buildings and gardens.
Cleaning and maintenance of special events.
Additional custodial duties as needed.
Our day porters are always in uniform and a replacement train will cross to cover any vacation, personal or sick leave. We take the worry out of your staff.

School Clean services

In a school, university, nursery or any other type of Educational Center, cleanliness takes on a special importance since they are places where it is necessary to intensify hygiene tasks. Most of the people who live in these centers are children and young people who are more prone to diseases and infections, hence the importance of a good cleaning plan.


Our package may include, among others:
Disinfection of bathrooms / toilets.
Cleaning of the classroom, office, cafeteria.
Trash remover.
Dust removal.
Spill cleanup.
Polishing of surfaces.
Vacuuming, Sweep and Mop.

Junk Removal & Hauling Services

MCA JUNK REMOVAL & HAULING SERVICES is a full-service junk removal company, we are here to simplify the process of sorting and removing junk, furniture, electronics, debris etc.; from small apartments, houses, offices, patios to construction sites and everything in between. Our goal is to offer our customers excellent service and complete satisfaction. We are always clean, fast, and respectable. Whether you need residential or commercial junk removal, hassle-free wherever you need us, we''ll be there.

House Cleaning

A basic house cleaning targets all areas of your home. This includes your bathrooms, kitchen, sleeping areas, and living areas. Special spaces such as offices, home gyms and game rooms are also included. All bathroom and kitchen surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected. All floors will be vacuumed. Tile, hardwood, vinyl, and / or laminate floors will be cleaned with the proper substances and supplies. All surfaces will be dusted. Appliances will be cleaned and cleaned. Doors and entrances will be cleaned promptly. With standard household cleaning, your home will feel cleaner than ever.

MCA-JANITORIAL SERVICE LLC offers a variety of schedules, whether you need routine weekly or have an immediate need for urgent deep cleaning, carpet cleaning or ground floor window washing, we have a cleaning team to meet your needs.

MCA-JANITORIAL SERVICE LLC offers a variety of schedules, whether you need routine weekly or have an immediate need for urgent deep cleaning, carpet cleaning or ground floor window washing, we have a cleaning team to meet your needs.

Cleaning Schedules:


  • 7 Days Per Week Cleaning.
  • 5 Days Per Week Cleaning.
  • 3 Days Per Week Cleaning.
  • Weekly Cleaning.
  • Monthly Cleaning.
  • Quarterly Cleaning.
  • One-Time Clean Up.

The Worlds Leading Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Technology.

We use state of art cleaning equipment to clean and maintain the carpet in your home. We only clean with Hot Steam which breaks down the static barrier and allows for proper soil extraction without soapy residue, by eliminating that “magnetic” attraction the carpet fibers must break soil particles. We clean and restore your carpets natural pH balance, so we do not leave behind any residue.


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We offer a truly approach to deep cleaning your carpets. Keep Your Business Clean & Healthy